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Business Partner References

Bodylean Redditch redditch
Was our second clinic that opened in Jan 2012, Zoe was keen to increase revenue within her gym environment as she longed to take time out of her business when she had her next baby!
A real personal motivator for her to make this happen. Not only has she used products provided by Bodylean, she has recently taken on support from a local teeth whitening company and introduced microdermabrasion treatments.
Zoe comes from a project management background and kept us on our toes in the early days, she helped us to amend and improve the service we provided. 

If we wanted a honest opinion on ideas , we would always turn to Zoe for feedback. We are delighted to have watched her business go from strength to strength. Like all succcessful business owners Zoe works exceptionally hard at " working on her business " rather than in it. A key detachment that is required to turn your plans into reality 

Not only has she developed a team of compitent beauticians she is regularly involved with the local community raising funds for charity and has recently been nominated for a national fitness awards.
Bodylean ColchesterColchester
Joanna opened Bodylean Colchester in Feb 2012 and ran this clinic on a part time basis.
Offering treatments for her existing gym members as well as members of the public.
In her first year of trading she took just over £30k and made a profit of £9k.

Joanna went on to open a second clinic in Rugeley offering the same treatments as her Colchester clinic. She has been a great supporter of the brand and has helped Bodylean source new and exciting products.

Clinics that operate on a full time basis are taking sales figures in the region of £4 to £6k per month.